Compliance is most often regarded as a costly bureaucratic burden with little or no return. Mid-Lakes has proven that compliance is provides opportunity for:

Revenue enhancement
Risk reduction
Operating cost reduction

The goals of Mid-Lakes compliance services include the characteristic reduction of risk produced by a properly conceived and implemented compliance plan, the simplification of clinical documentation to simultaneously meet documentation requirements for proper coding and reduced transcription volume (and related expense). Proper coding is essential to maximizing revenue and minimizing risk. An investment in Mid-Lakes compliance program services is most often recovered in a very short time.

The elements of Mid-Lakes compliance services are:

  • Billing Profiling
    Comparison of E&M; coding to norms
  • Chart Documentation Audit
    Documentation compliance assessment
  • Risk Assessment
    Identify exposures
    Inventory policies and procedures
    Identify deficiencies
  • Plan Development
    Adopt umbrella compliance plan
    Integrate policies and procedures:

    • Review and revise deficient policies & procedures
    • Develop needed policies and procedures
    • Documentation forms development
  • Compliance Officer Services
    Continuous plan monitoring
    Annual plan review and update
    Staff training
Compliance Program Services